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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Return To Taos

Hello there, one and all... I'm back from my beautiful little gig with the Old Lynn Concert Series in Lynn, Pennsylvania, and what a blast! My fine friend Lorne Clarke is the guiding light of this series, and not only is it just a beautiful scene there, but Lorne is a great singer-songwriter himself, and I spent nearly a week basking in the glow of my friend's good company and his wonderful family's hopitality and the mid-autumn color of the northern Appalachians... altogether a fantastic time, I must say. My thanks go out to Lorne, Esther, Heather, and Gillian Clarke for showing me a great time, and the great audience at Old Lynn for making it a wonderful show. I'll be back!

One of the things I did while visiting the area was to spend an evening hanging out with Lorne and Tom Flannery, and I recorded two songs in Tom's basement lair for their song-a-week website. What these guys do is really incredible. They're both working men, supporting families and getting the job done, and they still find time to run great shows like the Old Lynn series, and to carry on with their beautiful, socially-consious songwriting. The one thing they can't do a lot of, given their responsibilities, is to take their music out on the road. And with the economy the way it is, recording and manufacturing independent CD's ain't the gig it used to be, especially if you can't make it out to the road to flog it... so Tom records at least one new song every week in his basement studio and posts it, for free, on the website. I think he's be at it for something like two or three years now, without missing a week. Holy Crap! Lorne doesn't post quite as often, but hey, swing shifts, three daughters, and a working farm all depend on him... you gonna give him a hard time?! And most amazing, they just give it away. To you. High-quality, up-to-the-minute, sharp-as-a-tack, free songs, for you to download and enjoy. It don't get better than that, and when they asked me to contribute as their honored guest, how could I refuse?

Go to right now, and check out the great work these fellas are doing, and while you're at it, feel free to download two demos from my upcoming CD Tinfoil Wings, Lines and Anywhere But Here. I've given Tom permission to make the songs available until the CD is released, and with what I was talking about above, it may be a while, folks. Please, please, please support this site... it's one of the best indie sites I know.

In other big news, my pal Roger Landes and I have launched our dedicated website for our acclaimed duo-bouzouki CD, The Janissary Stomp! Head for to check it out, and kudos to our wonderful designer, Taos, New Mexico's own John Farr ( or his beautiful job. We love the site, and you will, too. All kinds of goodies for ya there, so check it out!

Thanks a lot, folks, and see ya next time!
Yours, Chipper


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