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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Hey Everybody out there in Banjosnake land!

Just wanted to let you know that a "new band" and "art collective" has formed in the most roundabout and subtle of ways...

Les Nouveau Antiquarians is myself, my wife Kim Treiber-Thompson, and cellist Mark Dudrow. We've actually played several gigs at this point, usually billed under our names alone (once we were accidentally billed as the "Kim Treiber Trio" and she wanted to slink under the table she was so embarassed!).

Anyway, we play a pretty eclectic, mostly acoustic mix of all that we're capable of: my original folk-n-roll songs, Kim's country honky-tonk numbers, Mark's classical and multi-ethnic 'cello, a few choice cover tunes, and weird experimental mish-mashes of all the above. Not only that, but we collectively promote our non-musical art: Kim's photography, Mark's ceramic work, and my own fine and poster art.

We formed as an expedient group to do a couple of lightweight gigs last autumn, and we had such a good time that we decided to keep on doing it... not to mention (from my own point of view) that I can't help but see us as three-fourths of my own new Chipper Thompson and The Feast line-up, playing my own electric folk-n-roll when the time is right.... Soon, I promise... soon... hell, I like the name so much I may retire "The Feast" as my own band name and just use this!

Anyway, keep your eyes sharp as Mark and Kim and I are on the prowl, booked to play various upcoming gigs here in wonderful Taos, New Mexico, and all around the northern New Mexico-southern Colorado region. Not to mention our collective art opening at the Stables Art Center in Taos on December 4, 2009, where all our art will be shown and sold, and we'll play a short musical show as well. Watch for Le Nouveau Antiquarians on my "gigs" page... now that you know who we are!

Take care everyone, and I'll see you around, supporting local and regional music and art at its finest!



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