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Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Well, the big news 'round these parts is that my great friend, musical partner, and roommate-of-late Mason Brown fell 12 feet from some scaffolding on the construction site where he works when he's not onstage somewhere, and broke his leg! This happened on Wednesday, March 8, and I'm happy to report that he's doing just fine (considering the broken left femur!) and is out of the hospital and recuperating with his lovely girlfriend. Thank goodness he didn't die or permanantly cripple himself... nobody actually saw the accident but his upper body landed on a pile of sawdust and dirt, so not only is he NOT dead, but he didn't break anything other than that leg. No heads, arms, or fingers, so he's still jammin' on the banjo, guitar, and viola da gamba! His lower body landed on a 6" slab of concrete, however, and that's what broke his leg.
In fact, he's doing so well that just a day or two ago I strolled into my studio, Casa Bruja, and found him splayed on a couch with microphones all around him as he was recording a backing guitar part for his upcoming CD release, When Humans Walked The Earth. And he was burning it up!
In light of the disaster, Mason and I won't be scheduling any duo performances for a while, but in the mean time, best wishes to our friend, and let's hope he'll be up and running at full speed soon. Until next time, folk-n-rollers,



Blogger Weyodi said...

Sheesh! It's good to hear Mason is alright. Rob and I are muddling along. I'm let down to see that Norman isn't on your list of dates but April looks to a hellacious month for us so it may be for the best. Nice to see your blog, I plan to be a regular reader from here on out, I even got a Blogger account so I can comment occassionally.


3:00 PM  

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