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Thursday, October 29, 2009

At Last! At Last! At Last!

Well, Banjosnakers, at least a few of the promised changes are in the air, at last! At last! At last!

When you visit the beautiful homepage of yours truly, not only will you find a new "Chipper goes country" photo of me (it's actually been up a while, but I didn't think that alone was worth drawing your attention to!) but also on the "music" page you will find a link to DOWNLOAD MY FIRST DOUBLE A-SIDED VIRTUAL SINGLE which consists of "Freeway Ballet," a fine truck-drivin' two steppin' honky-tonk song that I'm truly proud of, as well as one of my favorite songs I've ever written, "Lie Fallow (Maria's Lullaby)" that many of you might have heard me play live over the last few years.

For once, I feel like I'm not totally behind the curve... if not exactly in front of it... and I'm very happy that y'all can listen to and enjoy my music in this delightful modern age simply by dropping me .99 thin cents (and I only get .66 cents of that, so download early, and download often! Tell your friends! Tell your mother-in-law! Tell your cat! Pass it on! Pass it on!) and tapping the "buy" button on your handy Mac or PC. What a deal! And no jewel boxes or trash to clutter up the landfills when you get sick of it! Ha! Now that's progress if I've ever heard it!

Anyway, just to give credit where credit is due: on "Freeway Ballet" you've got Kim Treiber-Thompson on bass and background vocals; Jeremiah Glauser on drums and background vocals; Don Richmond on pedal steel guitar and fiddle, and me, myself, and I on lead singin' and acoustic and electric guitars. On "Lie Fallow (Maria's Lullaby)" you've got Kim Treiber-Thompson on background vocals; Don Richmond on Hawaiian lap slide guitar; Mark Dudrow on 'cello; and the ol' Chipper on lead vox and fingerstyle guitar. And not to forget: Kim took the great new homepage photo of me before the chilis, and the MVP of the day, John H. Farr with ZPD web design who got all this stuff up and running for a luddite like me!

One more thing: on the "Gigs" page you'll see a poster for the December 4 ART OPENING with Les Nouveau Antiquarians at the Stables Gallery and Caffe Renato from 5-8 P.M. right here in beautiful Taos, New Mexico. There'll be fine art and a long history of my posters represented, Kim's photography, and Mark Dudrow's ceramics... and we'll play y'all a bit of music at 6:00 p.m.... so as I say, GIT OFF THE COUCH and be there!

Thanks, everybody, for being patient, enjoy the new songs (there's more to come, I promise... I'm hardly getting started!) and I'll see you at the gigs and the opening!



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