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Saturday, November 18, 2006


Hey there everybody!

Well, the holiday season is virtually upon us, and I'll be gigging until my fingers fall off for the rest of November and most of December... and I'll hope to see you at a few of 'em!

I'm happy to report with cautious optimism that I've finally made an official start on my newest CD, to be entitled Tinfoil Wings. There's only been a single two-day session, but it yielded some fine results, and even though progress is slow, I am trying to keep one foot in front of the other. I'll keep you posted, and for once, I might even have some outtakes that I'll offer as free downloads on the website... but not just yet! Keep checking back for ongoing updates as I continue recording and the website undergoes some major changes in the next few months...

In other news, I've been published in the most recent (November / December) issue of Sporting Classics magazine. My article is a sort of preview and backstory of my book on my late wife Lanford Monroe's art. The book is to be called Homefields, and I'm really excited about it... we were hoping to have it out by Christmas (speaking of the holiday season) but a few things have held us up... nonetheless, it ought to be on bookstore shelves by early spring, and it's gonna be worth the wait - really really nice. I'm proud to be a part of it, and I just hope it does justice to Lanford's wonderful lifetime of fine art.

In the mean time, check out this latest issue of Sporting Classics, which you should be able to find with not much trouble at your nearest Barnes & Noble or Borders bookstore. (For those fans of mine that feel a little weird about being seen buying a magazine that advertises rifles for sport hunting - and I'll understand - just give me until the next issue is out, so I don't undercut any more sales than I have to, and I'll try to post the article here on me ol' blog...)

Well, even with a new Democratic majority in congress, times are hard, folks... I've been having a tough time of it myself on several fronts, and I often cave in to despair and depression. I have some great, supportive friends, but even with them willing to listen to my woes, my newest CD finally in progress, my article published, and my book on the way, still I find on many nights that I just don't want to go to sleep alone in the cold, but by morning I don't want to get outta bed to face another day... I know I'm not really alone, but it's awful hard sometimes. Hang in there through the winter, my friends. Come out and hear some good music, take solace in your family and hug your friends, and keep whatever faith you have that things will get better. Like I said in the final track of my otherwise near-unbearably bleak CD Penny Dreadfuls, "'s always sunrise somewhere, baby..."

Adios, amigos, and happy holidays to you all...


Blogger Chris Mansel said...

yes it's morning somewhere and as luke the drifter would have said dear folks as surely as the children on the grandpa's knee will marvel as the tear int he grandpa's eye will warm to the embrace to the sad embrace. yes folks, the day will come when the tears will be gone and the creek will be poppin' will with fish enough to keep the pot full of stew for lean bellies in these cold times. Keep the faith brother, it's all gonna be just fine. Here in Alabama it's about the same as the winds gather and grup against the rain, you're always welcome here.

10:47 PM  

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