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Friday, August 03, 2007


Well, BanjoSnakers:

Kim and I just got home from our gig at the OBL filling in for Don Richmond and there was a message waiting for us: Don was accepted into M.D. Anderson in Houston, TX, and the Alamosa doctors wasted no time. They got him on an air ambulance and as far as we know, he's there right now, roughly 11:00 p.m. Friday night, mountain time. We're certainly glad to hear it. In the mean time, Don's people have pledged to keep updating his website here so we can all check in to see how he's doing, so for the time being I'm going to stop posting on every little tidbit of news I get....

Speaking for myself, I played like crap tonight. I'll bet I played the same damn solo to every single song, and it bored even me. I only hope not too many people noticed, and everybody seemed to be having pretty good fun. I know part of it was that I had a ripping headache; part of it (I'm ashamed to admit) was that I was distracted by the TV behind the bar; but a huge part of it was that it simply felt wrong to be playing a gig that Don was supposed to play... it kept occurring to me that sure, I want lots more gigs, getting my music out to the folks and maybe making some decent money at it someday... but not like this! Not because my friend and mentor Don Richmond can't do the gigs 'cause he's got friggin' cancer! SHIT!

Anyway, I'm glad we could fill in and help out, and I'm really happy that Don is in such good hands (no reflection on the doctors in Alamosa, by any means). Don believes in the power of collective prayer, and I hope that if we all join together in sending him our best thoughts, wonders will occur and Don will be on stage again in no time, and we'll hardly remember this dark episode. I once saw a huge crowd of dancers on the floor of the Sagebrush Inn here in Taos, dancing to nothing more that Don Richmond singing and playing a mandolin. It blew my mind then, and it blows my mind every time I think about it. This man is too good in every way I can think of to be languishing in pain in a hospital bed.

Let's send him our prayers, love, and all the good thoughts we've got, and help him get back to where he belongs.

Adios for now, Chipper


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