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Thursday, May 03, 2007


Well, happy spring, BanjoSnakers!

I've got the probverbial good news and bad news for you all... I'll get the bad overwith first, so we can end on a good note:

I've decided, due to lack of funds, lack of focus, my inability to handle multi-tasking, and a few other reasons, to temporarily suspend production on "Tinfoil Wings." I'm deeply bummed out about it, but the one thing I can say with certainty is that the work we've done so far is of a very high quality, and the material left to be recorded is up to that standard... so, a decent foundation has been laid. I'm reasonably confident that by autumn, at the latest, I'll be working on it again, and perhaps I'll be able to sneak the band into the studio a time or two even before then. I also hope to "finish" the tracks I've started and post them on this fine new website as downloads, to give y'all a little preview of how cool this project is gonna be! Thanks for being patient and enthusiastic, and I'll get back to work on it asap!

Now the good news! I AM ENGAGED! Miss Kim Treiber and I are gonna tie the knot next spring, and formal invites will go out in the next couple of months... we have a special attachment to May-Day, so on Beltaine we headed up to the land we're purchasing north of Taos and exchanged rings (mine has serpents on it, of course! COOL!) and made our commitment. We's-a happy couple!

So, for this summer and autumn, that leaves cleaning up and selling my house (see below), Zoukfest, getting my book about Lanford's art edited once and for all and out to y'all, trying to get my novel published, playing tons and tons of gigs (see the gigs page... surely y'all can make a few of 'em!) and trying harder, at age 41, to get in shape and stay that way, and finally, in the fall, a book-signing tour for "Homefields, The Art Of Lanford Monroe." Whew!

Obviously, I'm a busy fella, but come on out to a gig now and again and check back often for news on my multi-tasking progress!

Adios for now...


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