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Friday, April 27, 2007


Hey there, folk-n-rollers!

Well, here's some big ol' news for ya! Kim and I are making plans to buy some land and build a house up in the mountains above Taos, and therefore, unless I win the powerball lottery this weekend, I've decided to sell my beloved property here in Talpa, New Mexico.

This is one incredible place I've got here, and I hate to leave it on many levels, but maybe I can convince a friend or fan of mine to grab it while they can! Here's what it's like...

There's 1.8 acres here, with full water/irrigation rights and an apple/pear/plum/apricot orchard. The main house is a 250-year-old adobe Spanish hacienda that's just unspeakably great (I added a fully modern, fully functional utility room and boiler recently). Then there's an 1850's log cabin from Missiouri that serves as a guest house, and a huge, beautifully-designed artist's studio where my wife Lanford Monroe used to paint and where for the last seven years I've made lots of great music with my friends. Overhanging it all are some of the biggest, most beautiful old cottonwood trees in Taos County.

As you can probably tell, it's a spectacular property, right here in one of the most famous art colonies in the world, with access to fabulous skiing and a world heritage site (the remarkable Taos Pueblo).

I think you should buy it, so I can get on with the land purchase and new construction... come on, BanjoSnakers! If you think you might be seriously interested, don't leave a comment here at the blog... email me with the "contact" link and we'll talk about it. The walk-away, no-realtor-involved, cash-in-hand price is quite reasonable for what you're gonna get, and I'm ready to negotiate.

As spring fully blooms here in Taos, I'll take some nice pictures of the property, and post 'em on this blog entry, so you can actually see the glory of the place. Until then,

Adios, Chipper


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