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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ars Banjosnake Developments For January 2010 (Updated, June 2010)

Well, friends, I post for you at last, here in this new year.... 2009 was a big, bloated, ugly, weird one, but there were lots of good things that came to pass too, so let's keep our spirits up and work for the better in 2010. There's lots going on, so stick with me:

First of all, I'm delighted to report that I am now a fully-affiliated artist with Wilder Nightingale Gallery here in Taos, New Mexico, on Kit Carson Road right next to the big man's - Kit Carson, that is - house, and you can come right on down and check out my fine art "Documents" for sale (see above, for an example). Les Nouveau Antiquarians had a great art opening on 4 December '09 at the Stables Gallery and Mr. Rob Nightingale was kind enough to come out in the snow to see what I had to offer, and he and I subsequently agreed that I would show in his fine space. There's also a dedicated fine-art website for yours truly in the works, and I'll update this post when it's up and humming along.

I've been around art and artists my whole life, but I'm still new to the concept of showing my own art in public, so I'm quite proud and humble to be showing in a Taos gallery - an opportunity that artists all over the world would give their eye-teeth for - and I'm sure my association with Mr. Nightingale will be fruitful and fun. I hope you'll all get out from in front of the T.V. and support real live artists like myself and the others showing down there!

Musically, there's not a lot of overt progress to report, but things are holding steady. Kim and the Caballeros have plenty of gigs, Les Nouveau Antiquarians are booked now and again, and I'm playing solo at venues around the area. Kim and I have held three house-concerts now at our new studio in El Prado, and we plan on throwing at least one per season again in 2010. There's lots of phone calls and negotiations and top-secret rehearsals in the works for more shows and recordings and events of all kinds in the spring and summer, but for now - again - thanks for supporting local music and getting out to the scene... it's lots more fun than T.V., y'all! And don't forget that I've got new downloadable singles available at dirt-cheap rates on my music page!

Speaking of music, I'm now offering music lessons for those interested: guitar, mandolin, bass, rhythmic training, and songwriting classes are all open and available. I am filling up, though, so grab me on my contact page and let me know what you're interested in, and we'll see if we can fit ya in! The cost is $35 per hour if you come to me, and a bit more (potentially negotiable) if I have to come to you. Come on! It's good for ya!

And, of course, there's other stuff in the works, too. Whattaya gonna do? I'm an artist here! So far, they're ephemeral and unformed enough that I think speaking of them in any detail would be premature at the least, and might even jinx 'em. So I won't. But rest assured we here at Ars Banjosnake are busy, and with any turning of luck this year lots of cool stuff is gonna hit the streets, my friends.

Last but not least, I've decided that one thing the world doesn't need is my big fat mouth spouting yet another big fat opinion onto the already-bloated blogosphere. I've decided to stop. In the past, I have occasionally spewed forth on this blog, and I won't even say it was always a bad thing. It often increased traffic, at least for a day or two. No more... I'm an artist, and as such already have a higher, louder platform to shout at you all, so using up space here that could be used to let you know about art, writing, music, gigs, lessons, and whatnot seems to be a bit of a waste of our time. Occasionally, I may comment in some opinionated way if the topic at hand seems to be directly related to what I'm about, but otherwise... you'll have to take me to lunch if you want me to hold forth on the issues of the day!

That's it for now, y'all! Take care and stay tuned, and we here at Ars Banjosnake will continue to strive to bring you the best in artistic weirdness Taos, New Mexico - and the greater psychosphere - has to offer!

Adios for now, Chipper

UPDATE: 8 June, 2010... Like most sane individuals, I've always reserved the right to change my mind when I realize I've strayed from the path. Therefore, I hereby rescind my decision to stop blogging about whatever the hell I want to. I'm often misguided, selfish, and lazy. I often make the most lame excuses when I want to do something that serves myself above all others. And, provided I live long enough, I will no doubt make many more self-serving, horrible decisions that hurt the world more than they help. But not this one. I have a right to my opinion, and if you don't like it, blogs are free. Get your own and spout off. But I feel like the world is going to hell in a handbasket and it's damn time I said my peace.

Adios once again, Chipper


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