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Monday, November 22, 2010


I'm sick of the willful injustice in the world.
I'm sick of the willful stupidity in the world.
I'm sick of corporations that have more rights and protections than people.
I'm sick of Rush Limbaugh's "I hope Obama fails."
I'm sick of truth-telling being a political gaffe.
I'm sick of religious nuts - all of them! - demanding I conform to their warped little worldview.
I'm sick of Southern Baptist white people breeding tons of little white people "for Jesus" when we've got WAY TOO MANY people - of any color - on this earth as it is.
I'm sick of people who want to ignore and / or destroy the Constitution saying they're "for the Constitution."
I'm sick of those who obstruct progress because they won't get credit for it.
I'm sick of those who think they have a right to make up their own facts, rather than just having their own opinions.
I'm sick of the top 2% of America's wealthy getting a free ride when poor people have to carry more than their fair share.
I'm sick of those of us who ought to be America's middle class shouldering the greatest tax burden.
I'm also sick of those poor people who think I'm the problem because I live in a nice house.
I'm sick of "to big to fail."
I'm sick of BOTH Fox News and Comedy Central.
In fact, I'm sick of all television.
I'm sick of the notion that ANYBODY should make a profit from somebody else's illness.
I'm sick of the amount of money America spends to drop bombs on foreign people when our education system is failing to produce high school graduates who can read.
I'm sick of fanatics who think we SHOULDN'T HAVE an education system.
I'm sick of people telling me that commonly accepted scientific truths are "just theories."
I'm sick of laws that are enforced arbitrarily.
I'm sick of drunk drivers who aren't in jail.
I'm sick of pot smokers who are in jail.
I'm sick of liberals who don't want me to have a muzzle-loading musket.
I'm sick of conservatives who don't want me to have a reefer.
I'm sick of people talking or texting while they're driving.
I'm sick of people talking or texting while they're in a movie theater.
In fact, I'm sick of people talking or texting at all... talk to each other face-to-face, for a goddamn change!
I'm sick of the fact that artists of all kinds are second-class citizens in America.
I'm sick of the fact that ART ITSELF is considered "unnecessary" by many Americans.
I'm sick of "new country" music... it's just bad pop with fiddles, for fuck's sake!
I'm sick of cops and firemen calling me and begging for money... what the hell are my taxes for?
I'm sick of faster Faster FASTER! Slow down, dammit all!
I'm sick of being smothered by advertising.
I'm sick of pharmaceutical companies.
I'm sick of ATV's.
I'm sick of fear being used to convince (mostly poor) people to support that which opposes their own best interest, and the best interest of all of humanity.
I'm sick of that which stands to improve all of humanity being opposed by stupid Americans because it'll only help "those people" or "somebody's gonna get a free ride."
I'm sick of people who don't want their "enemies" to "do well" even if it means that down the road, they'll do well, too. What the hell?
I'm sick to death of lies and more lies and more and more and more lies.
I'm sick of true fascists calling those who oppose them fascists.
I'm sick of those same true fascists calling my president a "socialist." IF ONLY!
I"m sick of people who are so stupid that they buy that my president can be a fascist and a socialist at the same time.
I'm sick of my government bailing out corporate and Wall Street CEO's when they should be bailing out homeowners who got conned by those CEO's.
I'm sick of those CEO's not being in jail.
I'm sick of war criminals - especially our own - not being in jail.
I'm sick that I'm not out in the streets with my friends, all of us carrying torches and pitchforks, demanding justice for all.
I'm sick of people who call my rejection of an insane, stressed-out, heart-attack-inducing, madness-inducing, greed-based job market as "lazy."
I'm sick of kids who don't know that milk comes from cows and eggs come from chickens.
Speaking of that, I'm sick of McDonald's.
Do I even need to say that I'm sick of Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck? I never thought ANYBODY could make Bill O'Reilly look almost reasonable....
I'm sick Sick SICK of hypocrisy... when will it ever end?
Entitlement! Entitlement! Entitlement! JEEZUS CHRIST! I'm so sick of it! Nobody on this earth is entitled to anything other than a short, brutish, hell of a life...

...or are we?

When are we gonna stop all this colossal bullshit between each other, and get to work making the world a paradise for everybody?

"Make the lie big, keep it simple, and keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it."
- Adolph Hitler


Blogger Rich Sands said...

Wow, and I thought I was sick. Try some aspirin and a hot bath. You'll still be sick, but you'll be warmer, cleaner, and your blood will be a bit thinner.

6:47 AM  

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