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Thursday, October 12, 2006


Hey, folk-n-rollers!

I'm being featured in a radio interview on Art Of The Song Creativity Radio soon... the show airs at different times in different locales, so check Art Of The Song's website for affiliates and air times... the website is and it's a great site... John and Viv are doing great things, and it's an honor to be included on their show with the likes of Steve Earle, Nanci Griffith, Guy Clark, Kim Treiber (of Kim and the Caballeros!), Tim O'Brien, Chris Smither, and the like... you get the picture... pretty good company!

If no radio station in your market airs Art Of The Song, first of all you should call 'em up and encourage 'em to carry it. Second of all, don't give up... a lot of the stations that do air the show have it streaming on their websites... just follow the leads and you'll find it!

Last of all, once the show has aired, I'm planning to put it up as a free download on my own soon-to-be-revamped website, and you can check it out there! (But listen on the air first!)

On the show, I talk about my beginnings as a musician, where I'm headed and some new directions, and play live-in-the-studio versions of two new songs (soon to be recorded for Tinfoil Wings) "Anywhere But Here" and "Lie Fallow(Maria's Lullaby)." John and Viv also air some cuts off my various CD's.

Anyway, check out Art Of The Song, and enjoy! Keep on rockin',

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