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Thursday, October 16, 2008

One Last Rant For Obama!

I feel like this thing is almost wrapped up, but that nagging little voice in the back of my bile duct keeps telling me over and over... the GOP, drunk and dizzy with power for the past eight years will, like slobbering dogs smelling blood, do anything it thinks it can get away with to win this thing, no matter what the collateral damage in the process.

Folks, we gotta vote Obama into the White House. Like many of you, I'm sure part of what I'm feeling is just exhaustion at the whole sordid process, and like many of you I'll have to grin and bear it for these last couple of weeks. Unpleasant, but there it is. It is, after all, the process we invented to "assure" that "the people" get to elect their own leaders. Let's just try to grit our teeth and make it to November 4 together, then worry about whether or not we can reform the process. In the mean time....

I didn't watch the debate last night. Partly, I was feeling under the weather and just spaced it out. But even if I'd remembered... I dunno. What's the point? At this stage, both candidates are using the questions just to recite their talking points, and the moderator is not gonna challenge them in any meaningful way. My mind is made up, and has been for a long time. There's a philosophy that power's gonna change hands every few years anyway... no matter who's got the power, it's gonna corrupt them to some extent, and no matter who's on the bottom, it's gonna energize their base more and more the longer they're outta power. Well, it's time for a shift. I just don't understand how folks can't see that the party now in power is not only corrupt, but corrupt beyond any sane comprehension of just how truly rotten to the core a bunch of politicians can get.

Mostly, I'm just sick of the bullshit. It's there on both sides, but just this morning I got an email from a good old southern friend of mine... a long list of thirty or so character smears called "Barack Obama's Not-Exactlys" or something similar... Jeezus Christ! Most of 'em were just so stupid and totally irrelevant to anything other than the gut-level "He's Not Like Us!" kind of lizard revulsion the Republicans are trafficking like meth to Wyoming slaughterhouse workers... anything to stir up the fear. But even those points that bore some slight level of consideration were ultimately useless, too. Barack Obama's a Muslim! Gasp! Well, who the fuck cares? What if it is true? Sure, it's weird... but hell, I consider anybody who throbs with belief in a greater, single, omnipotent god to be really weird. I don't give a shit. I don't care if the man worships a head of lettuce by ritually masturbating over a Japanese lamp while wearing a Viking hat. There's supposed to be separation of church and state in this country! It shouldn't matter! I just want somebody in power who doesn't care exclusively for himself.


I don't think that Barack Obama is gonna change this country overnight. I think he's gonna have to fight tooth and nail to get damn near anything done, considering the corporate moneyed interests he's up against.

But the man (not "that one") speaks to me, and I think he is a basically decent person. I think he is basically honest. I think he loves his family and his country. I think that no matter what the obstacles, he's at least gonna try to get some things done to help us little folk. And I think it's well beyond time to put a black man in the highest office in the world. That alone is long, long overdue people. With eyes wide open, fully aware of what is (and what's not) at stake, I'm gonna vote for him. I urge you with all my heart, soul, and rock-n-roll to do the same.

UPDATE: Friday morning, October 17... There's a good article today here called "The Ten Biggest Differences Between Obama And McCain That Will Affect Your Daily Life" that's worth reading.... Now, before anybody says anything, I know that Alternet is biased to the left, so you don't even have to read it to know it's in favor of Obama... I just found it interesting 'cause it's the first thing I've read lately that gives hard figures (we assume that are accurate) and direct quotes (we assume that are real) as evidence of their argument. Take it for what it's worth... even I'll admit it's probably worth more than me ranting about heads of lettuce, Japanese lamps, and viking hats.

UPDATE: Wednesday morning, October 22... I just don't know what says it all any better than the image above... an elegant, dignified, has-his-shit-together man leading the way, and behind him... a degraded, deranged, slavering Uncle Fester. Take it as you will.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008



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