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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Well… finally.

There's no other way to say it: my life has been a bit of a mess for about a year-and-a-half, and I pretty much made it that way.

I'm NOT going to write about it, at least not at the moment. What I am going to do, months and months too late, is to post here that I have a new album (vinyl! vinyl!) and a new novel that are both available to you, my patient and supportive public.

The album is called O How I Wish My Bad Heart Was True and is available as a download here from CD Baby. Downloading it is very very easy - don't have fear, all you over 30's! - and I hope and think you'll like this one a lot. It's getting very good reviews and I have to say it's probably my favorite of my own records (but then again… I always say that about the new one, whatever that may be). It is also available on vinyl (Yes! You heard right, all you hipsters! New vinyl!) at my performances, at The Brodsky Bookshop and Ennui Gallery and Records here in Taos, New Mexico. And please note: if you buy the vinyl, you automatically get a free download, too. (No. It is not available as a CD… yet. I know that bums out some of you, but I think they're dying. Then again, in blind tests people who swear vinyl sounds better than digital almost always prefer digital… so there. We'll see about the future. Stay tuned on this account...)

The novel is called The Substance Of Things Hoped For and is available as a hard copy or a Kindle download here from Amazon. It is also getting good reviews and I think you'll dig it, especially if you like Southern Gothic involving blues musicians and Pentecostal Snake Handlers. Like my album, it is also available at my gigs and readings, and from The Brodsky Bookshop and the SOMOS Bookstore here in Taos.

I'm meditating on what to do next, and exactly how I want to deepen (not "widen") the distribution of my new works. Check the "gigs" page on my (yes, horrendously outdated website… I'm working on that, too…), and don't forget that my original artwork is shown and sold at Gerald Peters Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico; one of the finest galleries in all the southwest! In the mean time, thanks again for being patient with me, and see you down the road!

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